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The Advanced Editor Toolbar

Using the Advanced Editor you can add information to your website, such as text, images, links, as well as upload files, insert tables, and more. The Advanced Editor is available on pages such as the Content Page, Features and Services Pages, and others. It is also available on the "Long Description" pages that have items, such as E-commerce in the products area, Articles, Blog posts, etc.

Hover your mouse over the different icons in the toolbar to see the purpose of each icon.
Here are some of the available popular tools:

  1. Upload File - upload different files, such as PDF, DOC, TEXT, etc.
  2. Insert Video - add a video using a URL link, have it Embedded, or upload it from your device.
  3. Insert Image - add an image by uploading it from your device or using a URL link.
  4. Library - choose and add an image from our Image Library. Click on the star icon to easily access your images marked as favorite.

    After adding an image, click on it to see the following options (top row, left to right):
    • Replace - replace the image with another one.
    • Align -  align your image to the right, left, or center.
    • Image Caption - add a caption at the bottom of the image.
    • Remove - remove the image.
    • Insert Link - insert a link that will open when clicking on the image.
    • Display - display the image inline or break the text. 
    • Style - round the image corners, add a border and a shadow.
    • Alternative Text - alt text is used within an HTML code to describe the appearance and function of an image on a page. This text will be used to describe the image when using accessibility plugins, as well as help search engines index the image properly.
    • Change Size - change the width and height of the image.

  5. Insert Link - you can insert a link by pasting the URL, or insert a link to a page from your site by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and selecting the page you wish to link to. You can add text to make it clickable as the link, and set the link to open in a new tab. Click on Insert when done.
  6. Insert Table - insert a table, up to the size 10x10.

  7. Align - align your text to the right, left, or center.
  8. Ordered List - make a list using numbers, Lower Alpha, Lower Greek, Lower Roman, Upper Alpha, and Upper Roman numerals.
  9. Unordered List - make a list using dots, circles, discs, or squares.

  10. Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough - stylize your text using these options.

More Tools:

  1. Colors - set colors to your text and text background (highlight).
  2. Paragraph Format - organize your texts and paragraphs by adding Headings. These create H1, H2, etc in the website's code and affect how search engines are indexing and prioritizing those titles, so make sure to use them wisely.
  3. Decrease/Increase Indent - increase or decrease the distance between the current paragraph and the page margin.
  4. Quote - set a text to be a quote and increase the size of the text.
  5. Insert Horizontal Line - add a horizontal line to help separate sections.

  6. Subscript - set a character slightly below the normal line.
  7. Superscript - set a character slightly above the normal line.

  8. Clear HTML - will remove all the text in the window.

  9. Undo/Redo - undo/redo your last action.

  10. Clear Formatting - select the text that you want to return to its default formatting

  11. Full Screen - enlarge the editor to your screen's full size.

Please note:

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