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Getting Started with Your Website

Building your website is an easy process with SITE123. Your website can be ready in no time.
Here are some steps to begin with:

  1.  Start with Editing Your Homepage Text, then choose and design your Homepage Background.
    You can also add different Call-To-Action elements, such as Buttons, Forms, etc.
    If you have a logo, you can Customize Your Website Name and Logo.
    In case you want to Change Your Homepage Template, you can easily pick a different one.

  2. Once you are done with your Homepage, continue with uploading your own content.
    In the Pages tab, you will find the default pages of the template you started with.
    You can Rename, Delete, Relocate, and Duplicate Your Page or Add New Pages, such as Services, Content, Team, E-commerce, etc.

  3. The final step is to design your website.
    In the Design tab, you can Customize Your Website Design by choosing different colors and fonts, and Customize Your Website Structure.
    You can also Customize Your Website Header and your Website Footer.

When you are satisfied with your website and ready to put it online, hit the Publish button on the top corner and your website will be live with all the changes.

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