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Creating a Landing Page

If you are looking to create a Landing Page and not a full website, you can do that by using the Homepage and our Call-To-Action options.

To create a Landing Page:

  1. Create a new website by selecting one of the relevant categories: Bussiness, E-commerce, Evetns, etc.

  2. In the Editor, click on Homepage and select Select Buttons, Forms, Etc. 

  3. Choose your preferred Action Type, such as Button, Form, etc. Read more about Editing Your Homepage Call-To-Action.

  4. Edit your Homepage Text accordingly.

  5. Then, click on Pages. Keep the pages you want to display as sections on your landing page.
    Remove the irrelevant ones, or Add a New Page, such as a "Donate" Page, Events Page, or any other page you like and edit it accordingly.

  6. Make sure to Hide the pages from the Menu and Footer (the Home page and any other page you decided to leave).

  7. You can also Add Floating Contact Buttons to increase conversion.

Please note:

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